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What’s Different About Commercial SEO?

If you represent a commercial business, you’re interested in different clientele than a local small business. That’s why we offer customized commercial SEO campaigns that specifically target bigger clientele. With years of experience providing commercial SEO services, we’ve helped local commercial businesses grow into national players.

Dragonfly understands that if you’re a commercial windows company you shouldn’t target phrases such as “window replacement”, as that typically attracts individuals interested in residential services. More specific phrases such as “high rise window replacement”, “whole building window replacement”, or “commercial window replacement” get fewer searches, but conversions from those searches can make you thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars if you’re a commercial windows company.

Commercial SEO Isn’t Just About Traffic

As a commercial player, you’re not interested in general traffic from local companies; you want the right kind of traffic: people who need your services. That’s why we don’t solely focus on traffic; our most important metric is conversions.

commercial seo services

Can Commercial Companies Really Benefit from SEO?

Absolutely. There are a lot of commercial companies that don’t think they need SEO, and that’s great for you. If the competition isn’t doing it and you are, there’s opportunity to open a new revenue stream with a low barrier to entry.

Why Dragonfly is the Right Fit for You

Here are a few ways we differ from the competition:

We see our clients as partners and work closely with them to ensure the quality of our content.

Your Campaign

While we have experience with commercial companies, we’ll take a customized approach to your industry because we understand it is unique. Each campaign begins with the following processes:

Extensive keyword research to identify opportunities

Website updates to Titles, META information, image Alt tags

Analysis of your competition

Ongoing content development

Ongoing site monitoring and reporting

Some Commercial Clients We’ve Worked With

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