The Dragonfly Digital Marketing Difference

Our 5-Step Approach to Getting You Results

What Makes Dragonly Different?

Over the past 15+ years, Dragonfly Digital Marketing has developed a unique approach to digital marketing. Our time-tested and proven strategy involves 5 basic steps that get real results.

1. Discovery

We take the time to get to know you and your business with an in-depth questionnaire. Your responses will help our team better serve your business and work towards shared goals.

Our process of onboarding is designed to be quick and relatively painless.

Utilizing keywords for which you’d like to rank, we conduct in-depth keyword research that identifies opportunties or potential pitfalls for your business. This keyword research will be used in all that we do, including PPC, SEO, and Content.

2. Customization

In order to better understand your industry landscape, we’ll analyze your top competitors to see what we can learn from them and how you can achieve greater market share.

We believe diversity is necessary for online success. Rather than utilizing a single facet of digital marketing, we’ll incorporate all aspects of digital marketing into a cohesive strategy.

We don’t do cookie cutter. Your strategy will be customed to your industry and your unique goals.

3. Collaboration

Any content we create goes through several levels of quality control. Everything is edited and then sent to you for approval. We will not post any content to your site or anywhere else without your approval.

Our content creators take the time to research topics thoroughly and generate content that isn’t just content for the sake of content. We collaborate with you to ensure content accurately reflects your brand.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Our tools measure the success of campaigns and we work to learn from them and improve.

4. Analysis

We monitor campaign analytics continually, measuring, improving, and repeating.

Marketing is all about testing what works and what doesn’t. We’ll A/B test tactics for landing pages, paid advertising, and other facets of your campaign to ensure strategies are performing at optimum levels.

We provide monthly reporting on the status of your campaign. The objective of this reporting is to provide transparency and accountability that you can measure.

5. Results

Traffic and rankings are great KPIs, but we are a conversion-focused digital marketing agency, so conversions (phone calls, lead form submissions, sales, etc.) are our primary concern.

You’ll hire us to increase your revenue, and that’s what we plan to do.

With increased revenue comes the opportunity to grow your business. Our goal is to grow with you.

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We have a 15-year history of providing reliable internet marketing services to clients in Maryland and throughout the nation

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